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Exaudi, deus. vae peccatis misereris eius,quon iam tu fecisti eum et peccatum non fec isti in eo. quis me commemorat .
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fonte lactis ubertim manante: atque aundante opis egentissimum et illoa dhuc uno alimento vitam ucentemon sortem non pati. sed blande tole ran tur haec, non quia .
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fonte lactis ubertim manante: atque aundante opis egentissimum et illoa dhuc uno alimento vitam ucentemon sortem non pati. sed blande tole ran tur haec, non quia .
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fonte lactis ubertim manante: atque aundante opis egentissimum et illoa dhuc uno alimento vitam ucentemon sortem non pati. sed blande tole ran tur haec, non quia .
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Garhwal has been described as "the most beautiful land in the mountains of the Asian sub - continent" by Dr. T. Longstaff, world renowned mountaineer, naturalist and trekker. Apart from the four holy shrines of the Hindus- Kedarnath, Badrinath, Yamunotri and Gangotri, Garhwal has much more to offer. The fresh virginity of the unspoiled natural beauty is Garhwal.

The Garhwal is one of the frequently visited areas in the Himalayas. It lies between the Punjab to the West and the Nepal Himalayas to the East. This is one area in the Himalayas, which has something to offer to all the mountaineers, the trekkers, the naturalist and the photographer. As Garhwal houses some of the holiest of Hindu shrines, it attracts millions of pilgrims every year from all over the Indian sub-continent. The Garhwal Himalayas have attracted mountaineers from all over the world, to attempt and scale the mighty peaks in this region. A Garhwal trekking tour in this area, combined with visits to the holy temples of Gangotri, Kedarnath, Badrinath and Yamunotri, will add spiritual experience of the Himalayas as you watch the stream of people bathing and lining up in front of the temples to have a view of holy shrine, and to wash away, the sins of a lifetime

It has divided its treks in two parts viz. Summers (April to Oct. - trekking upto 4.628 M) and Winters (Nov. to March - trekking upto 2.500). From time immemorial, the hill folk and pilgrims trekked across the hills, due to lack of roads and transport, on this difficult terrain.

Garhwal Himalayas (30029 Sq. Km.), comprising six districts, it is mostly famous for Adventures sports / holidays and pilgrimage center , the past of Garhwal Himalayas is exciting with its on glorious history. The Alaknanda river marks the great central line of lowest elevation, receiving rivers on either side. Trekking options in Garhwal Himalayas are unlimited, they are not bound by any season.

Panch Kedar Trek :
Panch Kedars are the five different forms of the Hindu God Shivas, and are known as Kedarnath (3584m); Madmaheshwar (3289 m); Tungnath (3810 m); Rudranath (2134 m). The mountainscape from each temple is fascinating, the valley full of rich fauna & fiora and the people hospitale.

Kedarnath - Vasuki Tal Trek:
The terk stsrts from Gaurikumd,Where one can have a refreshing bath in the hot water sulphur springs. The trek from Gaurikund to Rambara winds along the river Mandakini forest and across beautiful waterfalls. The trek from Kedarnath to Vasuki Tal is a continous Ascent along a goat track and it offers a panoramic view Of Chaukhamba peaks. The final trek to Vasuki Tal is Downhill for 1 km. At the bottom of this, one can see Rectangular slabs of rocks.
Best Season- May - Sept.

Dodi Tal :
Situated at an elevation of 3024 mts., north of Uttarkashi and surrounded by dense woods of oak, pine, Deodar and rhododendrons. The crystal clear lake is full of Rare fishes and the Himalayan Golden Trouts. The trek to Dodi Tal connemnce from Utarkashi to Kalyani and is Approachable by motor. Kalyani to Agoda is gradual climb through woods, fields and villages on a mule track the trek from Agoda to Dodi Tal is steep and thgrough thick forests.
Best Season: The route is open thuorghout the year, though in winters it is quite cold.

Gangotri Kedarnath Trek:
This trek is along the old pilgrim route from gangotri to kedarnath. From Gangotri one has to come down to Mala by motor . The actual ltrek starts from Mala, after crossing the river Bhagirathi. The trek is on level upto Sauri-ki-gad and from this point the climb to Belak is gradual. From Belak to Budha Kedar, to is downhill through dense forests full of birks and willlife. From Budha Kedar to Panwali, it is an uphill climb through trreaced fields and picturesque villages. The enchanting view of the Garhwal Himalaya is very refreshing and compensates the efforts of rgular ascend and descend. The 'Bugyals' (alpine meadows ) on this trek are most beautiful, specially the Kush-Kalyani and the. Panwali bugyals.

Gangotri-Gaumukh-Nandavan-Tapovan Trek :
This trek combines the experience of mountain climbing, rock climbing, boulder-hopping and glacier traversing. The trek is not a very rigoroous one and is easily negotiable by non mountaineers too. It passes through orchards of coniferous pine trees at chir-basa and birch at Bhojasa. From Gaumukh to Nandanvan, one traverses along the Gangotri and Chatturangini glaciers. Pitch a camp at the junction of chatturangini and Bhagirathi gangotri glaciers. From Nandanvan, view the Shivling, Bhagirathi, Sudarshana, thelu peaks and Kedar Dome. Cross the Gangotri glacier and rocky face before arriving at the lush green meadows of tapovan, surrounded by many named and unnamed peaks of the Garhwal Himalayas.

Kalindikhal Trek :
for the most adventurous trekkers, with fundamental knowledge of the mountains, this trek provides a rare experience . The trek takes on from Nandanvan to Vasuki tal after due acclimatization. There is a gradual ascent of kms, thereafter, the trek negotiates Kharapathar at a height of m before camping at Kalindi base (5590m.). Crossing the Kalindi Pass, one treks down to Arwa glacier and Arwatal (3980m) to Badrinath via ghastoli with two main rivers crossing on the way.

Valley of Flowers and Hemkund Trek :
Surrounded by the river Pushpavati and small streams, at an elevation ranging between 3000 to 4000 metres, the Valley is nearly l0 kms in length and 2 kms in width . the trek starts from govindghat(19 kms.), on the way to Badrinath, having two major gradients, one initially from alaknanda suspension bridge of Govindghat to Pulana villages for 3 kms and the other from Bhundar to Ghangharia. After trekking 3 kms from Ghangharia, a bifurcation point is reached. The routes are well marked here.

Khatling Sahasratal Masartal Trek :
The Khatlintg glacier is a lateral glacier , at the source of river Bhilangana. Sahasratal and Masartal are on the west and east of it. The valley of Bhilangana affords a panoramic view of snow capped peaks and hanging glaciers, viz. Jogin group, Kirti stambh and Meru are sublime and magnificent. The whole trek passes through thick forests and beautiful lush green meadows. In the rainy season, the meadows burst with splendid flowers. Trekkers will have to cross scores of small streams on improvised log bridges on this route.

Har- Ki- Doon Trek :
At an elevation of 3566m. it is surrounded by glittering peaks and dense forests. The forests are rich in wildlife and is veritable paradise ofr birdwatchers and nature lovers. The trek from :Betwar to Olsa is thgrough dense forests of chestnuts, walnuts, willows and chinarts. The trek from Osla to Har- Ki- Doon is through terraced miuntain fields , lush green grassy land and conifer forests.
Best Season : the rainy season is ideal for this ideal for this trek. more...

Roopkund Trek :
Situated at a height of 5029 mts. in the lap of Trisul Massif. This area is usually called the 'Mystery Lake' since human skeletons and remains of horses from the paleolithic age were found here. The lake is surrounded by rock-strewn glaciers and snow clad peaks. The starting point of the trek is Tharali, easily approched by motor from Rishikesh. Roopkund can also can also be reached from Ghat, connected by a motorable; road with Nandpryag situated on the main highway to Dadrinath. The route passes through lush green grassy land and conifer forests clinging onto the slopes of hills. The trel thereafter ;winds its way along the Pindar river. Then to round off this trek, one can approach Homekund vea Shail Samudra glacier and then m ove on to ghat or Nandprayag. For the round trek, services of a guide are advisable.

Rishikesh-Pauri- Binsar Trek :
The trek starts froms Thalisain via Pauri , an enchanting hill station presenting a panormic view of the Garhwal Himalaya snowy peaks, and on a clear day the sunset view is worth seeing from Kandolia, 5 kms from Riishikesh, and Kotdwar (way to Pauri), from Thalisain the trek trails t;hrough a very rich forest of deodar, silver, fir, pice and oak & wildlife. Best Season : Winter when it is not difficult with its ascents and descents., the trel is full of life and the trekkers will enjoy the scenic beauty ;throughout.

Mussoorie- Nagtibba Trek :
At the foot hill of the Garhwal Himalaya rages, north east of Mussoorie, Nagtibba is at an altitude of 3048 mts. The trek starts from Dhanaulti on a forest track upto Morina Dhar. This place is situated on a saddle and at sunrise it is a beautiful sight to watch the sun peeping from behind the mountains. From Morina Dhar the trek is o n a ridge, most of the time parallel to the Garhwal Himalaya ranges from Swaragaronini to Nandandevi. This part of the trek is very rich is flora and fauna. Only a few villges come enroute and even those are abandoned during winter months. From Nagtibba to Nainbagh is a downhill trek to the picturesque villge of Panthwari, (motorable too ) gay with life and presenting the culture of Jaunpur.

Kalsi- Lakhamandal Trek :
A cultural and historical trekl in the Jaunsar -Babar region at the foothills of the Garhwal Himalaya, between the rivers Yamuna and the Tons. This trek has great historical importance , for at Kalsi there is a rock edict of the Ashokan period in Pali script. At Birat Khoi is a fort, which according to the legendary epic, Mahabharat, belonged to Maharaja Birat . at Lakhamandal also there is an ancient palace of the Kauravas. It is now in ruins but is believed to have been made of lac for the Pandavas.

Kuari Pass Trek :
The pass (khall) is apprached through a narrow goat track at an elevation of 4265 mts. in the heart of Chamoli District on the north eastern part of Garhwal. The glorious view of the imposing eastern peaks of the Garhwal Himamayas is unforgettably enchanting. They appear so close with their grand glittering snow caps that on feels like almost touching them. Of the wether is clear then the peaks visible from Kuari Pass are Nandan Devi, Duunagiri Bethartoli, Devathan, etc. the trek- trails are scenic specially aroudn Ramni. Since Lord Curzon Road.
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