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fonte lactis ubertim manante: atque aundante opis egentissimum et illoa dhuc uno alimento vitam ucentemon sortem non pati. sed blande tole ran tur haec, non quia .
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fonte lactis ubertim manante: atque aundante opis egentissimum et illoa dhuc uno alimento vitam ucentemon sortem non pati. sed blande tole ran tur haec, non quia .
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The magic land Assam is a verdant land of the eternal blue hills, a treasure of flora and fauna, situated in Eastern India is known for the mighty Brahmaputra River, for tea estates where best teas are produced, for the Kaziranga wildlife sanctuary World Heritage site, has the highest concentration of Great Indian One Horn Rhinos, estimated at more than 2500, can be seen in its natural habitat and the beautiful landscape of paddy fields of teak forest. Guwahati the capital city of Assam is a popular historical place together with a numbers of fairs and festivals and other Places like - Digboi, Guwahati, Kaziranga, Manas,Nameri, Majuli, Sibasagar, Tezpur. Assam is also known for its wildlife Sanctuaries, Kaziranga National Park Manas National Park and Nameri Wildlife Sanctuary.

Location : On the North-East part of India.
State Capital : Dispur.
Official Language : Assamese.
Places of Attraction : Guwahati (capital) and Kaziranga National Park.
Best Time To Visit : Spring and Autumn.
Temperature (°C) : Summer- Max. 35, Min. 22; Winter- Max. 26, Min. 10.
¤ Assam, The Land of the Red River

Assam, one of the largest state in India, is the gateway to North-East India which abundantly is the hub of serene nature and cultural heritage. The highlight of the state is the gigantic River Brahmaputra, the Kaziranga National Park which is a sanctuary to the one-horned Rhinoceros and the sprawling tea gardens, famous throughout the world.

¤ Places of Interest

Though there are many tourist attractions, Tezpur with its unperturbed natural beauty and the Majuli, the largest island on the Brahmaputra are one of the picturesque places. Kamakhya temple, State Zoo and State Museum near the city of Guwahati have a lot to offer for the people visiting the state. Sibsagar (town) has all the historical monument that were part of the Ahoms rule (the kingdom ruled for six centuries).

Wild Life
Assam has five national parks and many wildlife sanctuaries. The main aim behind the Kaziranga National Park has been to protect the endangered one-horned rhinoceros. Kaziranga National Park and Manas National Park are famous wildlife reserves. Some of other wildlife sanctuaries are Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary, Sonai Ropai Wildlife Sanctuary, Bura -Chapori Wildlife Sanctuary, Laokhowa Wildlife Sanctuary and Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary.

¤ Tea Gardens
The tea gardens sprawled over Assam usually cover many acres of land and these gardens lie far away from the cities so it made the planters and management to be self-sufficient. These tea gardens have lavish bungalows, large retinue of retainers, many horses or multi-utility vehicles for transport, a golf course, a swimming pool and other entertainments thrown in. Tea gardens had become a spacious and peaceful resorts where the tourists can indulge just to see the greenery and the deft tea pluckers. Most of these are converted into boutique properties with the exotic lifestyle and environment that one can explore.
Assam contributes 15.6% of the world's tea production and 55% of the country's output. Upper Assam's tea gardens are there for over 150 years, one of the most cherished destinations of British Empire. Today western tourists visit these tea gardens to soak in the ambience where their forefathers nurtured one of the most durable industries in Assam.

¤ Festivals of Assam
Every Assamese celebrate the festival of Bihu irrespective of his class and caste. There are other three main festivals which are part of Bihu namely Rangali Bihu, Bhogali Bihu and Kangali Bihu.

Bihu Dance
Bihu is a folk dance, which is popular in all parts of Assam. For the vigorous energy it exudes during the performance, it is rightly compared with Bhangra dance of the North India. Usually performed by young boys and girls, one can see brisk steps, flinging and swaying of hips. The songs sung are on love and sometimes have erotic overtones.

¤ Arts and Craft
The particular field in arts and craft of Assam that is known internationally is the intricate workmanship in the textiles. The various multitude of true workmanship is also found in the work of cane and bamboo, metals crafts, handlooms, toys, pottery, woodcraft, jewellery and traditional painting.
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